Content & Overview for Section 5

Resources for Section 5 - Entity Notarial Certificates

3 Videos - 27 minutes

  • 10 Minutes - Part 1
  • 10 Minutes - Part 2
  • 7 Minutes - Part 3

PDF - 35 Pages






This section is really long--maybe I'm not good at presenting it, but I really felt like this much needed attention. I may amend and shorten it later, but right now, getting it finished is the goal..

One reason this section is so long is because there are four purposes for it being in this training.

(a) Show you that CMLs require entity certificates--aside from states that do not have representative certificates or laws that state otherwise -- do not swap a representative certificate out for a simple standard certificate without permission from your client (who would be a large stakeholder--the lender, borrower, or other party) or an authority like your attorney or your state's notary public administrator.. But remember, you are the notary. If you intend to handle these types of loans, there may be times that you are called upon to correct something that is pre-printed in a certificate or left out.

(b) Show you where to find entity certificates for your state.

(c) Show you how to find examples of completed complex notary certificates.

(d) Discuss jurats for entities.

HOPEFULLY, you will never have to deal with completing a complex certificate except for your signature and something simple like the date. But, at least you will know that this is a complex matter and you should not hesitate to ask for help.

35 pages of handouts.

The handout supports the slide bullet points with descriptive narrative and more detail.

You will also review the eight elements are required for properly completed notarial certificates.

For entity certificates, three or more bits of information must be included.

★ Individual Signer’s Certificate - 8 Common Elements: Venue, correct language, date of notarization, name of person who appeared/signed, notary’s signature, notary’s seal, printed name of notary, commission expiration date, type of ID used.

★ Add 3 more elements for entities: The entity type, the official title of the signer, and the state in which the entity was formed.