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Resources for Section 4 - Entity Signature Blocks

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Reference material ahead!

Section 4 (and many other sections) are just introducing you to reference material! Don't strain your brain trying to learn it, just become aware of it.

Signature blocks are NOT the notaries problem, but notarial certificates kind of are. So, we will make 3 leaps. This section is the beginning point.

  1. Entities have entity signature blocks, not signature lines. <---This is where we are now.
  2. Entities have entity notarial certificates and they may be quite complex. <--- This is in Section 5.
  3. The notarial certificates are created from the information in the entity signature block. <--- This will be Section 6.

You'll see a couple of examples.

Your handouts are strictly for reference.

So, we are going to look at signature blocks and see how they can be simple, or complex.


Let's go and get through it.